Posted Friday, February 18th, 2011 7:46 pm

Wicked Recordings, Ion Audio and Scanmedia are joining forces for an exclusive remix competition. Join the contest for free and remix the new Sami Saari & Timo Juuti single “Come To Me”, win great prizes together worth of over 250 € and get signed on Wicked Recordings!

The track you need to remix is the new single by the label managers Sami Saari and Timo Juuti called “Come To Me” featuring vocals from Laura Shea. The track was just released, and is being played all around the globe right now by DJ’s such as Chris Lake, David Tort, David Jones, Luca M, Alex Moreno and many more. If you are not familiar with the track, you can get it from Beatport (click the logo below) or by simply listening to the soundcloud clip in the end of this post.

To participate, all you need to do is to download the free parts from the soundloud player at the end of the post or by clicking on the full .zip download link. Then have fun remixing it, and finally upload the track to us before the deadline 18th of March.

We spoke to Sami & Timo about the track to find out what they will be looking for in the remix…

What do you expect to hear from the contest entries?
Something fresh but still usable in my sets. -Sami

I expect to see different, creative ways to pile up a track from the parts we provided. I hope people will have fun with them! -Timo

Do you have any advice for the competetors?
Creativity is the key. The style and genre is free, how ever its good to keep in mind the musical profile of Wicked Recordings -Sami

Before pressing the send button, take a break from the remix and come back to see if there’s something you could still improve… but of course do that before the deadline! -Timo


The composer of the winning remix will receive Ion Audio Discover DJ controller, Ion Audio Profile LP USB vinyl-to-mp3 turntable and top of this all the winning remix will be signed by Wicked Recordings to be part of “Come To Me – REMIXED” single release! In addition, the remix with “the most creative use of the provided samples” will get Ion Audio Discover Keyboard USB controller as a bonus prize.


1. Send your entry in 192kbps MP3 quality or better by using the upload form below (max. file size 20mb)
2. Fill in the form carefully, make sure your contact information is correct!
3. Deadline for entries is March 18th 2011 and the winner will be announced one week later.


Artist Name (required)

Email (required)

Remix Upload

When sending, do not navigate away from this page. You will get a confirmation message when the upload is finished.

If you have any problems uploading your remix, send us email to


i.) There is no genre limitations, HOWEVER bear in mind that Wicked Recordings is a house/techno label so even though it’s not forbidden, your changes to win with a country folk remix might be thin.

ii.) You do not have to use any of the samples if you don’t want to. HOWEVER it is adviced to use at least some.

iii.) You are not allowed to use the remix samples in any other production without permission.

iv.) The Winner will be decided by Wicked Recordings staff, and their decision is final!

v.) Wicked Recordings staff may feature your remix on the website during the competition.**

** During the competition Wicked Recordings may ask public opinion on remixes, or just to give them some extra attention.

For any questions related to the remix contest, contact

Get ready to remix, Set your sequencer on, Go download!


download all the parts in .ZIP file here

Click the arrow on the right to download
Sami Saari & Timo Juuti feat. Laura Shea – Come To Me (Original Mix)


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